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Harvest Bible College

At Harvest Bible College, we believe in following the call. Ours has always been to train effective ministry worldwide for local churches. From humble beginnings, we have built an educational program to equip and empower our students to live out God’s call to ministry in their lives.

We’re experts in excellent theological and ministry education, training students from 44 countries and 200 churches online and onsite in Australia, Denmark and the UK.

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The latest from Harvest

Carrying on her good work

18 October 2017

Yay! I survived the first unit of the Doctor of Ministry, and I was pretty happy with it, considering that the last time I wrote an essay was more than a decade ago! So, why am I doing the doctorate at Harvest, since I am in that season of life where I am a grandmother…

What does the Book of Acts have to say to us today?

09 October 2017

Acts is one of my favourite Bible books. Although I know the story almost by heart, it never ceases to inspire and challenge me. I could wish I was one of those characters doing that stuff for Jesus, or rather being used by the Holy Spirit in His power and grace. I must admit, however,…

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