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Harvest Bible College

At Harvest Bible College, we believe in following the call. Ours has always been to train effective ministry worldwide for local churches. From humble beginnings, we have built an educational program to equip and empower our students to live out God’s call to ministry in their lives.

We’re experts in excellent theological and ministry education, training students from 44 countries and 200 churches online and onsite in Australia, Denmark and the UK.

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The latest from Harvest

Rule 9 - body

Rule #9 – Anointing is the Fuel that Enables Grace

25 July 2016

We hear a lot about stress and burn out in life and ministry. Our lives are full, sometimes full to the point of overflowing. It is a challenge to do all we can in the Kingdom and not push ourselves to the edge of destruction. Those of us who follow the call of God on…

Getting Angry - body 2

Confronting Injustice

18 July 2016

I was surprised recently when I heard of a Christian justifying their failure to confront bad behaviour by saying that Jesus wouldn’t have acted like that. That Jesus did not get angry. Such an attitude is not supported either by good theology or by a careful reading of Scripture. First, we have to recognise that…

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