Harvest Research Conference


Harvest Research Conference

Promoting practical theology to equip leaders who are actively engaged in Christian ministry.

The annual research conference of Harvest has been running since 2012, with the goals of stimulating research within and beyond the College and giving faculty, students and visitors a place to present the results of their research into ministry areas. We’ve investigated themes such as “Redefining Christian Ministry for 21st Century Contexts” (2012), “Multiple Perspectives on Ministry” (2013), “Cultural Perspectives on Ministry” (2014), “Church and Ministry: a Contemporary Voice” (2015) and “Can Theology be Practical?” (2016) and many of the papers were reshaped for journals and even a book.

With this purpose in mind, we launched our Journal of Contemporary Ministry in 2015 to provide an extra, more permanent, record of the research presented at the conference as well as research from “outside.”

This year we will explore the work of the Holy Spirit and ministry in a world that is frequently confused about, or resistant to, Christian mission.

Harvest 7th Annual Research Conference – August 24 & 25, 2017

The Holy Spirit in a Post-Mission World

Our keynote speaker this year is Professor Amos Yong, Director of the Centre for Missiological Research and Professor of Theology and Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary, USA. Amos is a leading Pentecostal theologian, a prolific author and a speaker on a wide range of topics including Pentecostal theology, religions, science and faith, and disability theology.

Call for papers

We invite interested scholars, including postgraduate students, lecturers and ministers, to submit proposals for papers to be given at this year’s conference. You might especially consider something along these lines:

  • The Holy Spirit and ministry or mission.
  • Ministry and mission in a changing and even hostile world.
  • The changing nature of Pentecostalism.
  • Religious tensions in today’s world.

The Research Committee will evaluate proposals before the program is finalised. Successful presenters at the conference will be invited to turn their papers into peer-reviewed articles for the Journal of Contemporary Ministry.

Submitting a paper proposal

Proposals are to be around 200 words in length and should contain:

  • A working title.
  • A clear description of the ideas and arguments you will present.
  • Details of you as presenter, including previous and current studies and presentation experience.

Please send your proposal before 24th of May to Dr Jon Newton, Harvest Bible College, P.O. Box 9183, Scoresby, VIC 3179 or to jnewton@harvest.edu.au / +61 3 8799 1154.