Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies

Dr Jon Newton

Dr Jon Newton

PhD (Deakin)
MA (Theol) (BCV/ACT)
BA Hons (Bible & Theology)(ICI University)
BA (Sydney)
Dip Ed (Sydney)

Jon has been a full-time faculty member since 2009, having moved to Harvest from Tabor College NSW.  He has wide experience in ministry, missions and education, previously serving as a school principal, missionary, church planter and associate pastor.

During his ten years on the staff of Lighthouse Christian Church and College, Jon studied for his MA (Theol) at Bible College of Victoria and then completed a PhD with Deakin University, submitting a thesis on Postmodernism, Christianity and the Book of Revelation.  He has presented papers at many academic conferences and written articles in peer-reviewed and on-line journals. In 2009, his first book was published by Paternoster Press (UK), entitled Revelation Reclaimed: The Use and Misuse of the Apocalypse and in 2013 he edited a book of essays entitled New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry in 21st Century Contexts”.  His next book The Revelation Worldview (Wipf and Stock)  is due to appear by early 2015.

Outside College life, Jon is actively involved in preaching, pastoral work, teaching and missions.  Jon and his wife Judy are currently the senior leaders at Oasis Church in Bayside, Melbourne, Victoria.

He has ministered in churches and colleges in Myanmar, India, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, France and Denmark.  He is an ordained minister with Australian Christian Churches.  Jon is happily married to Judy with five adult children (four now married).  His research interests include Revelation, Christian worldview, apologetics and contemporary prophecy.  Other interests include both Rugby codes (Jon follows the Newcastle Knights in NRL and the Melbourne Rebels in Super 15 rugby), classical music and coffee.

Main Teaching and Research Areas

Biblical Studies (e.g., Acts; Romans; Revelation; Exegesis: Corinthian Correspondence);  Issues in Apologetics;  Eschatology, and the Theology of the Future; Building a Christian Worldview.

Awards & Qualifications

Full Name of Award Subject/Major area Awarding Institution and Year of Award
Doctor of Philosophy Philosophy/Theology/Biblical Studies Deakin University, 2007
Master of Arts Biblical Studies and Theology Australian College of Theology, 2000
Bachelor of Arts Hons Theology ICI University, Texas, 1996
Bachelor of Arts English and Philosophy Majors University of Sydney, 1969
Diploma in Education Education University of Sydney, 1970
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Adult Education Australian College of Ministries, 2011

 Papers Presented

“An Elementary Error: Why John tried twice to worship an angel in Revelation”, to Fellowship for Biblical Studies Conference, September, 2014.

“Patmos and Pentecost: Common Thrusts of Revelation and Acts”, to ANZATS Conference, June 2014.

“Patmos and Southland: Australasian Readings of the Book of Revelation”, to ANZATS Conference June, 2013.

“Story-lines in Revelation”, to Fellowship for Biblical Studies Conference, September, 2012

“Worldview Wars” to Harvest Bible College research Conference, August, 2012

“The Epistemology of the Book of Revelation”, to ANZATS Conference, July, 2011

“The Purpose of the Millennium”, to ANZATS Conference, July 2010

“The Role of Prophets in the Contemporary Church”, to PCBC Conference, Brisbane, May 2009.

“Reading Revelation Romantically”, to PCBC Conference, Melbourne, May 2008.

“Towards a Pentecostal Martyrology”, to PCBC Conference, Sydney, May 2007.

“Teaching Revelation”, to PCBC Conference, Gold Coast, May 2006

“Towards a Christian Worldview”, to Redeeming the Academic Mind Conference (C.C.H.E.), Sydney, July, 2005.

Revelation: Metanarrative or Love-Story” to Bible and Critical Theory Conference, Fitzroy, June 2004.

Revelation and a Pentecostal Worldview” to PCBC Conference, Auckland, May 2003.

The Dark Side of the Book of Revelation” to Conference on Religion, Literature and the Arts, University of Sydney, October 2002. (an edited version of this paper was since published online by the PCBC journal).

Postmodernism, A Christian Perspective”, to: Redeeming the Academic Mind conference (I.C.T.E.), Sydney, August, 2001. Transforming Education conference, Tanunda, S.A. (C.P.C.S.), January, 2002.


Books /Manuals

The Revelation Worldview. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock (forthcoming).

Editor,  New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry in 21st Century Contexts. Mosaic Press, Melbourne, 2013

Revelation Reclaimed: The Use and Misuse of the Apocalypse. Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster, 2009.


“Worldview Wars; battling for the mind in the 21st Century.” New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry in 21stCentury Contexts. Mosaic Press, Melbourne, 2013

“The Challenge of Postmodernism” for Pointing the way, ed. Jill Ireland, Richard Edlin and Ken Dickens, National Institute for Christian Education (N.I.C.E.), 2003.


“The Epistemology of the Book of Revelation” in Heythrop Journal, UK (2014): forthcoming.

“Story-lines in the Book of Revelation” in Australian Biblical Review Vol. 61 (2013): 61-78.

“Time Language and the Purpose of the Millennium” in Colloquium, Volume 43, Number 2 (2011): 147-168.

“The Scope of Christian Prophecy” in Australasian Pentecostal Studies, Issue 13 (2010): 59-86.

“Holding Prophets Accountable” in Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association, Volume 30, Number 1 (2010): 63-79.

“Reading Revelation Romantically” in Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Volume 18, Number 2 (2009): 194-215.

 Positions Held

Vice-President, Pentecostal and Charismatic Bible Colleges of Australia, 2008

Vice-President, Christian Schools Australia (Victoria-Tasmania), 2002-2004

Member, ACC City South district executive, 2001-2005

 Professional Memberships

Society of Biblical Literature

Society of Pentecostal Studies

Fellowship for Biblical Studies

ANZATS Council (Australia and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools)