Month: October 2016

In Her Element

28 October 2016

Meet Kerrie… What’s your role at Harvest? I am the College Librarian overseeing our 3 campus libraries. What led you to the field of your expertise? I have always wanted to be a librarian. When choosing courses for Uni after high school, I didn’t know what to put after I selected the 2 library courses…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 1

18 October 2016

If you’re like me, as soon as you feel the slight itch in your skin when your body starts to sweat, the automatic reaction will be to flick on the AC. In just a few minutes, our surroundings are transformed – the itch subsides and the warning signs of unusually harsh weather patterns outside are…

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Heart for his homeland

10 October 2016

Benn is an international student from Southern India. He is one of the youngest Christians from the region to step out into the calling God has put on his heart. Benn heard about Harvest’s great ability to equip and release people for ministry, and that convinced him to choose our Bible College. He began his…

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Rule #43 – Be Real!

03 October 2016

Hypocrites draw attention to themselves, authentic people change lives. Jesus lived and grew up in a small village called Nazareth, with a population of about two thousand people. Jesus and his family lived there because of the plentiful building work taking place in the nearby city of Sepphoris. Sepphoris was located about 6 kilometres from…

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