Month: December 2016

UNDERSTANDING is a matter of the HEART

28 December 2016

So many times we feel that we don’t understand what is happening in our life or what God is doing in our life and ask why? As it happens, we are not unique in this. Even the disciples of Jesus after being with Him day after day, still did not understand many of the things…

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The Wonder of Christmas

23 December 2016

Over the years, I have had a tumultuous relationship with Christmas carols, and I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. I recently preached in a church where I mentioned the struggles I have with the songs we sing at Christmas and received immediate affirmation from many in the crowd. In fact, after…

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Trish’s Trajectory

09 December 2016

Trish is studying a Bachelor of Arts (Ministry), with a Pastoral Leadership major, here at Harvest. ‘I chose Harvest study because it felt right’, Trish says, ‘and it remained right’. When Trish isn’t studying hard to complete her degree, she’s pastoring the small groups in her local church. Her studies caused her to search deeply to…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 3

06 December 2016

I’m excited because climate change is an opportunity the church has to make a significant contribution to the world and is an avenue for us to ask many people to come to know Christ. – Dr. Yiheyis Maru In Part 2 of this series, I noted that we would soon have to deal with the…

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