Month: January 2017

Leading is a noble task

27 January 2017

Many people aspire to lead others and become first among a group. Many sacrifice their relationships, opportunities, finances, and their health in the pursuit of becoming the recognised leaders of their chosen group or team. Many manipulate, buy their way, cheat, force their way, or destroy others in order to achieve a position of leadership….

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Jonathan, Kant, and Jesus

16 January 2017

Having invested five years of my short time on earth into university, my first few years after study were marked with divergent feelings: (1) I wanted to transition from being a student to a breadwinner but (2) I also wanted to keep learning. As my wife and I discussed our goals on a date at…

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Ethical Pursuits

12 January 2017

Meet Matthew, he’s our lecturer, Head of VET Content Development and Lead Facilitator VIC/TAS at Harvest Bible College. Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest? I usually teach the biblical units in our Vocational Education programs, such as ‘The Biblical Narrative’, ‘Engaging the Scriptures’, and ‘Jesus. Kingdom. Gospel.’, and I also teach a couple of theology and social justice units,…

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The Power of Communication – #1 What’s in a Word?

03 January 2017

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.’ I remember repeating this adage as a kid but I always thought how stupid it was. Over the years I have come to realise just how much names, and words, used incorrectly or aggressively, can actually hurt more than sticks and stones….

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