Ethical Pursuits

12 January 2017


Meet Matthew, he’s our lecturer, Head of VET Content Development and Lead Facilitator VIC/TAS at Harvest Bible College.

Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest?
I usually teach the biblical units in our Vocational Education programs, such as ‘The Biblical Narrative’, ‘Engaging the Scriptures’, and ‘Jesus. Kingdom. Gospel.’, and I also teach a couple of theology and social justice units, such as ‘Theology: God and Humanity’, and ‘Poverty, Aid and Development’.

What led you to the field of your teaching/research?
My educational background is Old Testament studies and Philosophy and I am currently pursing research enabling me to tie these two fields together. I see the Bible, the Kingdom, and ethics as inextricably linked: that we simply cannot be faithful to our mission to expand Christ’s kingdom without a rigorous ethical assessment of our actions, whether they be geo-political or individual. And, that meticulous biblical study is our primary means to discern the moral values necessary to do so.

What do you like about the teaching you are doing?
I just love the privilege of being able to open up the scriptures to students, so as to help give their present reality and ministry even more meaning and to firm up their hope of the resurrection.

Tell us about your family.
I’m married to the stunningly amazing Aki, and have a beautiful ballerina for a daughter, Noa, and an insanely rhythmic drummer for a son, Ezekiel.

What’s your favourite quote?
‘We do not live in several different, or even two different worlds, a mental world and a physical world, a scientific world and a world of common sense. Rather, there is just one world; it is the world we all live in, and we need to account for how we exist as part of it.’ – John Searle

What’s your favourite food/drink?
A late night souvi always hits the spot.

What are your favourite things to do at weekends or on holiday?
I can’t get enough of beautiful lonely Australian beaches.

Any interesting thing about yourself that you would like to share with us?
I eat my peas one at a time … maybe this is true and maybe it isn’t LOL, but would/should it matter?