Month: May 2017

Pastor’s reflections

22 May 2017

One of the regular features of the Journal of Contemporary Ministry is a pastoral reflection. This is where we invite experienced pastors to thoughtfully and incisively reflect on some of the insights they have gained over their years of pastoral ministry. In 2016, the pastoral reflection was written by Rohan Dredge, who has since resigned…

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Accountable Teams

18 May 2017

When teams talk about accountability, they might think of responsibility to the leader of the team, or to the wider leadership of the church or ministry. Perhaps they might even consider their accountability to their ‘target’ audience (for example, the recipients of their welfare work, or the worshippers they lead). However, another aspect of accountability…

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A Rare Talent

12 May 2017

Something that many of us would find tedious, Corinne loves with a passion: writing policies and procedures! She serves in the children’s ministry of her church by writing curricula. Corinne is very focused on her goal for the next 10 years, which is to gain enough qualifications and experience to teach at Bachelor level. She…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 5

05 May 2017

Having discussed the theological, ethical and political issues at stake in this issue, we’ve now come to the final and most practical part of the series. That is, where we discuss what things we can do to address climate change right now. Produce energy. This is the obvious one: where appropriate we should be installing…

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Light Bulb Moments

01 May 2017

Meet Joshua, he’s one of our facilitator based in WA. Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest? At this point in time, I have the privilege of tutoring a couple of Cert IV cohorts online. I am also lucky enough to be co-facilitating a few Diploma units on campus. What led you to…

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