Revelations of a pipe player

09 June 2017

Meet U-Wen, he’s our Head of Higher Education Content Development and a lecturer at Harvest Bible College.

Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest?

I teach mostly New Testament-related subjects—usually New Testament Survey, Eschatology and the Theology of the Future, and Revelation. The last two are usually with Jon Newton.

What led you to the field of your teaching/research?

I’m currently completing my PhD in Revelation. At the end of high school, I felt called to Bible college, and as I progressed further with my studies, I realised that it was what I wanted to do with my life. Like many others, I’ve always been fascinated by the Book of Revelation, and I think it’s greatly misunderstood—which is why a lot of my research is focused on good interpretation and understanding of the text!

What do you like about the teaching you are doing?

My favourite thing about teaching is being able to journey with students on their own path towards a deeper understanding of God, theology, themselves, and their calling!

What’s your favourite things to do on the weekend or on holiday?

I have a lot of hobbies, but I usually enjoy reading, spending time with my wife, wood turning, and playing music.

Any interesting thing about you that you would like to share with us?

As you can see from one of the pictures, I enjoy playing the bagpipes and am an active member of the Ringwood Highland Pipe Band!