Humans of Harvest

Conversing with God

03 November 2017

Tania Harris is a world-renowned pastor, speaker, author, and founder of God Conversations, yet very grounded and humble. Her journey started when she was 21, when Tania realised that knowing of God and hearing him speak through other people just wasn’t enough. She wanted to know God deeper and hear from him directly. Tania wasn’t…

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Grant’s Story

23 October 2017

People respond to and journey through suffering differently. Personally I am pain and suffering averse. I don’t seek it but when I do experience it, no matter how small the pain, I grumble and complain … externally and, many times, quite dramatically. My wife Trudy, on the other hand, takes pain in her stride and…

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Carrying on her good work

18 October 2017

Yay! I survived the first unit of the Doctor of Ministry, and I was pretty happy with it, considering that the last time I wrote an essay was more than a decade ago! So, why am I doing the doctorate at Harvest, since I am in that season of life where I am a grandmother…

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Rachel’s Road

01 September 2017

‘As soon as I opened Harvest’s web page, I knew that was where I was going to go’. Rachel, an early childhood teacher, and married with ‘an almost-two-year-old’, made a bold move to study:  ‘I came to Harvest to have my faith challenged; to know more about God’. Rachel completed diploma, bachelor, and associate-level studies,…

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Kay Dohle - Harvest Bible College

The Harvest lighthouse keeper

23 August 2017

We’d love you to meet Kay, she’s our Director of Development and a lecturer at Harvest Bible College. Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest? My main area of teaching is in Spiritual Formation; units like/such as Formation of Self, Personal Goals and Spiritual Growth, and God’s Call Your Response. I also teach…

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Sister Love

16 August 2017

Christine is an amazing woman and Harvest graduate. She is a mental health practitioner by day and a human rights anti-trafficking advocate by night. This passion to help others was birthed in high school, when she kept the poster “Make the world a better place” on her wall. Christine is now pursuing her calling, and pushing…

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Dylan’s Godly Destiny

04 August 2017

Dylan grew up as a pastor’s son, and he is so grateful for his godly upbringing. He decided to study a Graduate Certificate at Harvest when he completed his psychology research thesis on the ASD and ADHD population. Dylan’s work with young people during that time really affirmed where God wanted him to be. And,…

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27 July 2017

Amanda is one of our Tasmanian students who has fallen in love with Harvest. The busy life of a mum can make studying difficult. However Amanda, with her passion to serve God, chose our online study option and absolutely enjoyed it! That option fitted so perfectly with everything else going on in her life. Amanda…

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Role Model Motivation

22 June 2017

Jimmy is one of our Bachelor of Arts (Ministry) students. He wasn’t raised in a Christian family, so Bible College offers him an opportunity to connect with Christians from different backgrounds and cultures, and to learn from them. Jimmy has a wonderful ability to relate to people’s stories and meet them at their own level….

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Revelations of a pipe player

09 June 2017

Meet U-Wen, he’s our Head of Higher Education Content Development and a lecturer at Harvest Bible College. Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest? I teach mostly New Testament-related subjects—usually New Testament Survey, Eschatology and the Theology of the Future, and Revelation. The last two are usually with Jon Newton. What led you…

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