Life & Ministry

What is our vision?

15 September 2017

We are all driven to pursue a vision. The discussion of ‘vision’ is usually left to the domains of leadership or organisations but each individual is, in some way and to some degree, in pursuit of a vision or goal or desirable end point. According to philosopher James K.A. Smith, ‘To live is to be…

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Ministry—Yours, Mine and Ours

25 August 2017

It is important to consider what ministry we are called to in the Kingdom of God. According to Paul (1 Corinthians 12), we each have a part to play; a part no more nor less important than any other’s. We also understand from this chapter that God also gives gifts to each to enable that…

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Complexity in Ministry to the Suffering

01 August 2017

I recently went to the dentist for a check-up, and I’ll be honest—I was nervous. No happy gas was administered and so every time I felt the slightest sensation, my whole body flinched in anticipation of the possible sharp pain that might follow. Praise God, it never did, but it reminded me that our conception…

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Fun is not a Four-Letter Word

14 July 2017

There’s an old saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. As with many such quotes, there is wisdom behind these words. In contemporary Western society, it can seem like (or actually be) that we are driven and measured by our output and efficiency. Such a perspective can lead to attitudes that…

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Seeds of Life

05 June 2017

Well, autumn has officially just concluded, and I loved it. It’s a beautiful time that always reminds me of my wife, who is an alumnus of Harvest and whose Japanese name, ‘Aki’, translates to ‘Autumn’. Each year autumn forces us to face an extraordinary tension. As the landscape begins to suffer and die it does…

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Pastor’s reflections

22 May 2017

One of the regular features of the Journal of Contemporary Ministry is a pastoral reflection. This is where we invite experienced pastors to thoughtfully and incisively reflect on some of the insights they have gained over their years of pastoral ministry. In 2016, the pastoral reflection was written by Rohan Dredge, who has since resigned…

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Accountable Teams

18 May 2017

When teams talk about accountability, they might think of responsibility to the leader of the team, or to the wider leadership of the church or ministry. Perhaps they might even consider their accountability to their ‘target’ audience (for example, the recipients of their welfare work, or the worshippers they lead). However, another aspect of accountability…

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Teams Take Time

20 March 2017

From observing Jesus creating teams among his disciples (The Twelve, sending people out in pairs), to our understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ, teamwork is a foundational concept in the life of the Church. While this is true, we need to be aware that teams don’t just happen. It requires effort and…

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Passion for Ministry

08 February 2017

Passion is an important component of effective ministry. If we are passionate about what we do, it motivates us. It helps us do more than simply ‘turn up’; it provides us with an enthusiasm for what we do. It even makes the outcomes more rewarding when we ‘have a win’, because it deeply matters to…

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UNDERSTANDING is a matter of the HEART

28 December 2016

So many times we feel that we don’t understand what is happening in our life or what God is doing in our life and ask why? As it happens, we are not unique in this. Even the disciples of Jesus after being with Him day after day, still did not understand many of the things…

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