How to think well about contemporary ministry

24 July 2017

As a pastor of a small church in Melbourne, I am constantly thinking about what makes a good church and how my church can be a force for good in our community. Recently, the Holy Spirit gave me four key words to describe the church we should be: Connected: by building strong connections with each…

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Contradictory Trends in Today’s World

12 July 2017

When we look at what is happening in today’s world, and in Australia particularly, two starkly different trends stand out in relation to Christianity. First, Christianity is in trouble and under attack. Worldwide we see: A steady decline in church membership and attendance in all western countries, especially affecting the mainline Protestant denominations. A steady,…

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Reflecting on Easter: Part II

15 April 2017

As citizens of the 21st century world, I’d suggest we don’t think much about the significance of Easter. We have lived through 1,500 years of Christendom in the West, meaning that our foundational identities are built upon layers of tradition that we are simply unaware of. The story of Easter is taken for granted by…

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Reflecting on Easter: Part I

14 April 2017

Easter is an important time for Christians all around the world. During this time, we mournfully remember the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus upon the cross, and look to His resurrection on the third day to bring us fresh hope. We believe that His death fulfilled the prophecies made in the Law, Prophets, and Writings…

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Talking about the Journal of Contemporary Ministry

04 July 2016

Harvest Bible College launched a new journal in 2015. The Journal of Contemporary Ministry has been designed to stimulate informed discussion about issues faced by contemporary Christian churches and ministries worldwide, in the broadest sense of “contemporary.” It will encourage research, including empirical research, into diverse forms and contexts of contemporary ministry and the issues…

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Harvest Experience happening in WA this July

17 June 2016

We believe that passion, humility and spiritual formation all form the building blocks of a wholesome education. Learning is so much more than being able to memorise and recite facts and statistics, it is about being able to engage with and participate in God’s vision for a world made new. As famous theologian Miroslav Volf…

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Why Harvest Research Conference? Promoting practical theology

03 May 2016

When I first accepted the role of “head of research” at Harvest, I was tasked with creating a “research culture.” How do you do that? And what is it anyway? I’ve been involved in research about the Bible and theology for many years but this was different. I needed to simulate the research potential that…

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Change your view of the Bible
from black & white to colour!

08 April 2016

Israel 2016 Archaeology of Biblical Lands with Dr Brendan Roach On the ground in Israel from 18th September to 2nd October Unit of study available to BA, Grad Dip and MA students Tourists are welcome to join. Information Night on Monday, 2nd May Victoria: 1 Keith Campbell Crt, Scoresby 7.30pm Queensland: 2 Meike Crt, Burleigh Heads…

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Preloved books looking for a new home

09 March 2016

From 10am on Tuesday 15th March and Wednesday 16th March, the VIC Library will hold a second-hand book sale of many fantastic items. Pick up something for your own personal interest, something to help your study, or something just because you want to! There are commentaries, reference resources, self-help titles and much more! Every purchase…

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We’re excited for you to join us at Harvest Experience 2016

16 February 2016

When my wife, Trudy, and I drove on the weekend along the waterfront of Geelong towards the Novotel, the atmosphere of our surroundings had an amazing emotional impact. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a new place it is more the atmosphere—the vibe of the place—that captures me most, rather than…

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