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Rule #15 – Opinions Change, the Word Remains

02 November 2016

In a small dusty cave on the shores of the Dead Sea, two young Bedouin boys found one of the most remarkable archaeological finds of the twentieth century, the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest scrolls of the Bible ever found. It is a miracle in itself that they have survived…

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Rule #43 – Be Real!

03 October 2016

Hypocrites draw attention to themselves, authentic people change lives. Jesus lived and grew up in a small village called Nazareth, with a population of about two thousand people. Jesus and his family lived there because of the plentiful building work taking place in the nearby city of Sepphoris. Sepphoris was located about 6 kilometres from…

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Rule #53 – Destroy the Escape Clause

23 August 2016

One thing we consistently do in our walk of faith is provide ourselves with escape clauses. Escape clauses are the reasons we give ourselves for not doing what the Word of God instructs us to do. We have all used them and in the midst of our busyness, pain, despair, triumph and problems it all…

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Rule #51 – God is Eternal, Memory Fades

09 August 2016

In 1997 MasterCard launched series of adverts that played on the idea of creating memories. It struck a chord with the community because memories are priceless once you have them you have them for life, or at least that is what the advertisers would want us to believe. In fact, the opposite is true; most…

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Rule #9 – Anointing is the Fuel that Enables Grace

25 July 2016

We hear a lot about stress and burn out in life and ministry. Our lives are full, sometimes full to the point of overflowing. It is a challenge to do all we can in the Kingdom and not push ourselves to the edge of destruction. Those of us who follow the call of God on…

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Rule #54 – Be Strong & Courageous

07 July 2016

One of my favourite scriptures is God speaking to Joshua as he is about to cross the Jordan River and lead the Hebrews into the Promised Land of God. It is interesting how we now view the Promised Land. It’s true, Israel was a land of milk and honey, huge grapes and prosperity. It was…

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Rule #52 – Don’t Confuse an Oasis with 5 Star Hotel

09 June 2016

En Gedi is a beautiful desert oasis located in the wilderness region of Israel. Its beautiful, cool, fresh, clear waters flow from the cliff tops into the Dead Sea. In the middle of summer the wilderness region around the Dead Sea rises to over 45 degrees every day. En Gedi is an oasis the midst…

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Rule #34 – Eternity

20 April 2016

I enjoy watching a good Sci-Fi movie; it is an escape from reality and often deals with themes that dip into the spiritual. These themes or topics challenge our thinking and give us an alternate reality of the future. One of my favourite themes, when done well, is time travel. If only we could control…

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Rule #103 – God Has Your Gift and Calling Already Identified

01 April 2016

One of the biggest struggles in life is the struggle for identity. Who are we? Where do we fit? What are we meant to do with our lives? We watch others, we strive and we struggle to find our way. David the shepherd boy was alone, forgotten and thought little of by his father, but…

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