Social & Environmental Justice

Sister Love

16 August 2017

Christine is an amazing woman and Harvest graduate. She is a mental health practitioner by day and a human rights anti-trafficking advocate by night. This passion to help others was birthed in high school, when she kept the poster “Make the world a better place” on her wall. Christine is now pursuing her calling, and pushing…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 5

05 May 2017

Having discussed the theological, ethical and political issues at stake in this issue, we’ve now come to the final and most practical part of the series. That is, where we discuss what things we can do to address climate change right now. Produce energy. This is the obvious one: where appropriate we should be installing…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 4

09 March 2017

OK, so it’s time now to start considering possible solutions. Below, we’ll begin by looking at systemic solutions, and then in the next and final part of this series we’ll discuss actions that we can all take to contribute to the solution on an individual and community level. First of all, what has been tried?…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 3

06 December 2016

I’m excited because climate change is an opportunity the church has to make a significant contribution to the world and is an avenue for us to ask many people to come to know Christ. – Dr. Yiheyis Maru In Part 2 of this series, I noted that we would soon have to deal with the…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 2

07 November 2016

There are many who simply don’t believe the world is getting hotter or, at least, that humans are contributing to this in any significant way. We will consider this position in more detail throughout the series, but for now, let’s consider something for which there is global consensus – the hazardous state of Beijing’s air….

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 1

18 October 2016

If you’re like me, as soon as you feel the slight itch in your skin when your body starts to sweat, the automatic reaction will be to flick on the AC. In just a few minutes, our surroundings are transformed – the itch subsides and the warning signs of unusually harsh weather patterns outside are…

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– Lessons from the Cane Toad (2)

01 August 2016

Lesson 2 In Lesson 1, we compared the importation of Cane Toads with that of orphanages in the developing world. In this article, I wish to develop this idea even further. I remember my first visit to Queensland as a young boy. One of the locals had set up a tourist attraction where kids like…

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– Lessons from the Cane Toad (1)

01 July 2016

Lesson 1 Sugar cane is an alien species to Australia, imported here to exploit a perceived lucrative economic opportunity. However, the tiny native Grey-Backed Cane Beetle almost put an end to that dream as it decimated the new plantations. The proposed solution? The American Cane Toad. Despite biosecurity concerns which initially limited its introduction in…

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A Justice Heart Checkup

14 April 2016

While finance in ministry is welcome and often vital, does it have the power to save apart from our greater calling of genuine loving relationships? Ps. Shane Baxter recently challenged the western church on an attitude that is more comfortable to simply make a financial contribution than to genuinely engage in a heartfelt relationship with people. Shane’s…

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Social Justice and the Christian Life: What is Shalom?

11 December 2015

Understanding the heart, character and plan of God is the essential ingredient to understanding who we are as His image bearers. In turn, it helps us to uncover our capacity and responsibility to genuinely reflect Him in this world. Here Ash Barker, an alumni of Harvest, focuses on the richness of God’s desire to bring shalom…

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