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Running the small, hard race

21 April 2017

When I started going to Bible College three years ago, I thought it was impossible for a little uneducated traveller to last even one day in a Bible College with the academic standards of Harvest. It would be a miracle: with no academic writing skills, how could I do this? To my surprise, I finished…

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Reflecting on Easter: Part II

15 April 2017

Photography credits go to 20th Century Fox As citizens of the 21st century world, I’d suggest we don’t think much about the significance of Easter. We have lived through 1,500 years of Christendom in the West, meaning that our foundational identities are built upon layers of tradition that we are simply unaware of. The story of…

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Reflecting on Easter: Part I

14 April 2017

Photography credits go to here Easter is an important time for Christians all around the world. During this time, we mournfully remember the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus upon the cross, and look to His resurrection on the third day to bring us fresh hope. We believe that His death fulfilled the prophecies made in the…

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Left behind: when a loved one takes their own life

07 April 2017

Suicide is a major issue in our community, whether we’re talking about teenagers, young adult males, Aborigines in custody, isolated farmers doing it tough, or older people suffering painful terminal illness. Suicide doesn’t only affect the person who dies, or fails to die. It’s their family, friends, colleagues, and others who carry the grief and,…

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Josie’s Online Connection

04 April 2017

Josie lives in the beautiful little coastal town of Apollo Bay, Victoria. She enjoys long walks on the beach and contemplating the goodness of God and His creation. Josie has a passion for the youth in her community. She chose Harvest because of the College’s commitment to supporting local churches in becoming everything God has…

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Teams Take Time

20 March 2017

From observing Jesus creating teams among his disciples (The Twelve, sending people out in pairs), to our understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ, teamwork is a foundational concept in the life of the Church. While this is true, we need to be aware that teams don’t just happen. It requires effort and…

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Joy from Sorrow

16 March 2017

Daniel, originally from South Sudan, settled in Australia with his family in 2001. His mother was Muslim and his father a Christian, so Daniel understands the struggle of growing up in a family where two completely different beliefs cause tension and confusion. Daniel made the decision to give his life to Christ in 2011, and…

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Conditioning of Climate – Part 4

09 March 2017

OK, so it’s time now to start considering possible solutions. Below, we’ll begin by looking at systemic solutions, and then in the next and final part of this series we’ll discuss actions that we can all take to contribute to the solution on an individual and community level. First of all, what has been tried?…

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Convictions & Coffee

14 February 2017

Meet Andrew, he’s our Dean of Ministry and Theology and a lecturer at Harvest Bible College. Which unit or subject are you teaching at Harvest? Diploma Units, such as ‘Our Place in God’s Narrative’, ‘Authentic Leadership’, ‘Sermon Design and Delivery’, ‘Emotional Intelligence and Productive Teams’, ‘Analyse and Apply the Bible’, and ‘Understanding Kingdom Ministry’. What…

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Passion for Ministry

08 February 2017

Passion is an important component of effective ministry. If we are passionate about what we do, it motivates us. It helps us do more than simply ‘turn up’; it provides us with an enthusiasm for what we do. It even makes the outcomes more rewarding when we ‘have a win’, because it deeply matters to…

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