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Respect Your Team – how to improve relationships, trust and performance

28 April 2016

Growing up I often heard my mother say, “If you don’t respect yourself no one will respect you.” This was a prelude to a lecture of some sort about doing the right thing, treating others correctly, having composure or not responding harshly to others. What is respect and what sort of respect do we expect…

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Rule #34 – Eternity

20 April 2016

I enjoy watching a good Sci-Fi movie; it is an escape from reality and often deals with themes that dip into the spiritual. These themes or topics challenge our thinking and give us an alternate reality of the future. One of my favourite themes, when done well, is time travel. If only we could control…

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A Justice Heart Checkup

14 April 2016

While finance in ministry is welcome and often vital, does it have the power to save apart from our greater calling of genuine loving relationships? Ps. Shane Baxter recently challenged the western church on an attitude that is more comfortable to simply make a financial contribution than to genuinely engage in a heartfelt relationship with people. Shane’s…

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Change your view of the Bible
from black & white to colour!

08 April 2016

Israel 2016 Archaeology of Biblical Lands with Dr Brendan Roach On the ground in Israel from 18th September to 2nd October Unit of study available to BA, Grad Dip and MA students Tourists are welcome to join. Information Night on Monday, 2nd May Victoria: 1 Keith Campbell Crt, Scoresby 7.30pm Queensland: 2 Meike Crt, Burleigh Heads…

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Rule #103 – God Has Your Gift and Calling Already Identified

01 April 2016

One of the biggest struggles in life is the struggle for identity. Who are we? Where do we fit? What are we meant to do with our lives? We watch others, we strive and we struggle to find our way. David the shepherd boy was alone, forgotten and thought little of by his father, but…

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Success through thankfulness - Harvest Bible College

Success through Thankfulness

23 March 2016

When we are thankful, we open ourselves up for more opportunities, creativity, productivity and success. Being thankful means that we can look at the resources, talents, gifts, skills, opportunities, people and situations dealt to us in a very positive and grateful manner. This attitude usually allows for greater success than when we are ungrateful. Being…

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Rule #7 – The Power of Completion

20 March 2016

When I was younger I was a naturally gifted runner; not the best or the fastest but I loved to run. Every play time I was running, every sports day I was running and trying to run faster than the other kids. There is nothing like running fast; you feel like you’re floating on air. By…

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Preloved books looking for a new home

09 March 2016

From 10am on Tuesday 15th March and Wednesday 16th March, the VIC Library will hold a second-hand book sale of many fantastic items. Pick up something for your own personal interest, something to help your study, or something just because you want to! There are commentaries, reference resources, self-help titles and much more! Every purchase…

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Harvest Bible College Brendan Roach

Rules for life & ministry #102 – God Calls to Serve Inside & Outside the Church

09 March 2016

Over the last 25 years the Church has moved from an exclusive view of ministry to an inclusive view of ministry. By exclusive, I mean ministry was limited to the Pastors and Missionaries. Now we have a very inclusive view of ministry. Students come to Harvest and graduate believing ministry includes traditional Church roles and Charities,…

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We’re excited for you to join us at Harvest Experience 2016

16 February 2016

When my wife, Trudy, and I drove on the weekend along the waterfront of Geelong towards the Novotel, the atmosphere of our surroundings had an amazing emotional impact. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a new place it is more the atmosphere—the vibe of the place—that captures me most, rather than…

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