Course accreditation

Harvest is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of theological and secular accreditation available in Australia.

The following certificates or diplomas are accredited with the Australian Skills Quality Authority and have national recognition:

Degrees are accredited with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency and are deemed to be university equivalent:

Postgraduate awards are accredited with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency :

Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance are available to eligible students for all of the above awards.

FEE-HELP assistance is available upon application to the Diploma of Ministry and all Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters Programs.

Course recognition

Harvest is recognised as:

  • A nationally registered school of Australian Christian Churches
  • The official training school for Australian Christian Churches in Victoria
  • A preferred training provider for the Apostolic Churches of Australia
  • Meeting credentialing requirements of CCC
  • Agreement with CRC International towards credentialing of their pastors
  • Meeting the academic requirements of other Pentecostal church bodies
  • Preferred provider of many independent churches

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