European cohort programs

Harvest Bible College has been delivering training to European students via our fully online deliver mode for 15 years. Our partners, the Danish Pentecostal Bible College, provide value adding spiritual formation classes which are neither compulsory nor do they contribute to the formal completion of the Harvest course.

The Certificate IV in Ministry and Christian Formation is perfectly matched to a church that wants to run its own leadership academy. It gathers people from the local church and provides them with opportunities gather a basic knowledge of the Bible and Theology. It also equips them to take on a role in generational ministry or connect group leadership (full details below).

The Diploma in Ministry and Theology (Stream) is a fully accredited Bible College program that is intensely practical. It develops a person to be a fully capable team member of a contemporary Church or Christian Ministry Organisation.


The Certificate IV in Ministry is a fully online program that can be delivered onsite anywhere in the world. The resources can be downloaded in English directly from Harvest Bible College.

The Bachelor of Arts (Ministry) will be delivered to overseas students through our excellent online program. DPBC offers the students value adding options to complement the Harvest online studies by having spiritual formation activities for the Denmark cohort, at Danish Pentecostal Bible College, Mariager. Again, these spiritual formation activities are not expected by Harvest and do not count towards the formal completion of the Harvest award.