Diploma of Ministry and Theology (10566NAT)

The Diploma of Ministry and Theology has been carefully crafted to help you know God, people, yourself and your context. It intentionally balances sound teaching with day-to-day application in every discipline explored.

Duration: 1 year full time (also available part time)
Pathways: Provides entry into the B.A. with partial transfer of credit.
Campus: Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia
Delivery: Online, Onsite

It is offered in three streams to equip you to follow the call of God wherever it may lead.

The general diploma includes ministry best practices, social dynamics and self awareness, biblical studies, theology and will develop numerous skills needed for multiple ministry expressions.

The Social Justice stream builds on the general diploma and seeks to practically explore God’s heart for justice through the addition of units that focus on Social and Environmental Justice; Poverty, Aid and Development; and NGO Practice.

The Church Ministry stream builds on the foundation of the general diploma and specializes in areas of Leadership; Organisational Management; and Pastoral Care.

With 4 outstanding Placement units, this course provides a brilliant option for students who want to intern within their church or Christian organisation as part of their course.

The Diploma of Ministry and Theology (Stream) consists of twelve units – six core and six elective units and gives you a one-year advance standing in Harvest’s three year Bachelor Degree program.

Entry requirements for this course can be found here and in our Admissions Policy.


“Studying with Harvest has been very impacting. I have grown in God, my knowledge of Scripture and preparation for life and ministry. I think it would be virtually impossible to do what I have been doing, and what God is calling me to do, without my time at Harvest.”

– Luke Kefford, Dip(Ministry)


Core Units of Study:

Social Justice Stream:

Three mandatory electives.

These units can also be selected by students doing the General stream.

Church Ministry Stream:

Three mandatory electives.

These units can also be selected by students doing the General stream.

General Electives:

Wherever God leads you, this diploma will prepare you for that journey.

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