Doctor of Ministry

This is a professional research degree providing active ministers, Christian leaders and developing ministers with an outstanding opportunity for reflection on their ministry praxis and context, producing new insights to share with the wider body of Christ. You will extend your personal and professional knowledge and skills to an advanced level. You will gain broad insights, engage with advanced concepts, process relevant research and build responsive strategies for Christian ministry in the contemporary world.

Campus: Victoria
Delivery: Online, Onsite

The heart of this degree program is your thesis. You will design, assess and carry out a major research project in a ministry-related field and report on it in a thesis of 60,000 words. You will be supervised by experts in the field of study and mentored by an experienced minister as you move through this research process.

Prior to undertaking the research project, you undertake special preliminary units to prepare and equip you to do the research successfully. These will include training in research methods, developing specific concepts and skills necessary for your chosen topic and becoming familiar with ethical, epistemological, pastoral and spiritual issues that affect ministry research.

At the end of your project, you thesis will be examined by international experts and successful examination will recognize you as an expert practitioner.


“My DMin studies have sharpened my thinking, challenged and stretched me, facilitated a new depth and consciousness of God’s work in my life, and developed friendships with some amazing people.”

– Jeremy Weetman, DMin


“I benefited tremendously through the completion of a Doctor of Ministry degree a number years back. Today, there is an urgent need for further research and developmentof the Christian mission by church leaders. This is why I am really excited about Harvest’s DMin program, and highly recommend it to you.”

– Dr Mark Conner, Senior Minister of Citylife Church Melbourne

Entry Requirements

  1. Master’s degree in Bible, Theology or Ministry from a recognised institution, including a project of 12,000 words or longer OR
  2. 4 year Bachelors degree with at least second class honours in Bible, Theology or Ministry from a recognised institution, including a project of 12,000 words or longer OR
  3. A three year degree in Bible, Theology or Ministry plus an approved Graduate Diploma in Ministry which includes a research thesis at the level of at least second class honours ministry.

Students with a master’s degree in Bible, Theology or Ministry which did not include a project of 12,000 words or longer may gain entry to the DMin program by completing a bridging program, normally consisting of a long research-based essay.

Until 2017, graduates of the current or previous MA in Ministry from Harvest may apply for special consideration for entry to the DMin program subject to ongoing success.

If you have a master’s degree in an area outside of Bible, Theology or Ministry, including at least a 12,000 words research project, you may complete Harvest’s Graduate Certificate in Theology with at least a credit average to meet the entry requirements into the Doctoral program.

A student will not be admitted to the DMin program unless they have a provisional research topic approved and there are supervisors available who can effectively supervise the research.

International Students

In addition to the above requirements, international students need to demonstrate English language competence via standard tests as follows:

TOEFL (Internet Based)
6.5 (With no band less than 6.0) 90 (With no less band less than 20 and at least 22 in writing)

Please refer to our International Student Pack for further details

Study Mode

Preliminary Units are usually offered in one of two modes:

•  An intensive on campus seminar (or off campus face to face tutorial) preceded by online interaction and followed by assessment OR
•  A fully-online program spread over a semester and including online interaction, viewing recorded lectures and assessment.

The research project may not be started until all 4 preliminary units have been successfully completed and the proposed project has been approved.

The project is undertaken under the supervision of two expert supervisors. Usually one of these will be a staff faculty member of Harvest. You will also be helped to find a pastoral mentor to help you keep a strong practical ministry focus during the research phase.

You can study towards the DMin at our Melbourne campus, located at 1 Keith Campbell Court, Scoresby, Vic. Our library of 40,000 books and journals is here and there is an allocated study room for postgraduate students.

Alternatively you can study online from anywhere in the world where you have reliable internet access, but you will need to visit the Melbourne campus annually for our Research Conference and other postgraduate seminars.

Credible arrangements need to be put in place if the supervisor/s are located in a different city or region to the student.

Course Structure & Units

This qualification is achieved by successfully completing 4 preliminary units of study followed by a 60,000 words thesis. The normal minimum period would 3 years and many students will study for the DMin over 6-8 years part-time.

Core Units

Students must complete the four core units:

*These units are tailored to the needs of the specific student and their project

How to Apply or Enquire

Start with an Expression of Interest, followed by an interview with the Dean of Postgraduate Studies or another academic leader at Harvest.

Contact the Dean of Postgraduate Studies or Head of Research for more information, to organize an interview or to complete an Expression of Interest form.

Alternatively, you may email or phone Dr Jon Newton 03 8799 1111.

Formal application is made online via our website here.

Doctor of Ministry Transfer of Credit

Transfer of credit is not normal for a professional research degree like the Doctor of Ministry. However, in special cases a student may be accepted to complete a doctorate begun at another institution.

Apply now. Make an enquiry.