Master of Arts (Ministry)

In this course you receive quality teaching and advanced ministry training from both local and international experts. You creatively engage with biblical perspectives on theology, church leadership dynamics, contemporary issues and global trends. This process will shape and inspire your vision and enhance your current skillset. On graduation, you will be more effective in your local church, Christian organisation, business and/or general life setting.

Campus: Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia
Delivery: Online, Onsite

This course is designed to extend your capacities in Christian ministry by providing you with:

  • Advanced leadership training
  • Professional development
  • Ministerial application insights
  • Enhanced ability to think theologically and use appropriate hermeneutical understanding of Scripture with a view to ministry application
  • Opportunities to develop strong peer and ministry networks.
  • Knowledge of contemporary ministry dynamics and theories.
  • Ability to research an important question related to Christian ministry

“I’m amazed with the personal time lecturers give to assist you. This care along with practical study that impacts my ministry is the winning combo that makes me a fan of Harvest!”

Paul Pardede, MA(Ministry) & Lead Pastor of Westlife Church

Entry Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in Bible, Theology or Ministry from a recognised institution, with at least a credit average in the final year OR
  2. Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate in Bible, Theology or Ministry from a recognised institution, with at least a credit average OR
  3. Professional entry:  A prospective students holding a Diploma in Ministry and with 5 years or more professional ministry experience may be accepted into the MA(Ministry) on the completion of a Graduate Certificate in Theology with at least a credit average (or equivalent).

If you have a degree in an area outside of Bible, Theology or Ministry you may complete Harvest’s Graduate Certificate in Theology (4 units), with at least a credit average, to meet the entry requirements into the Masters.

International Students

In addition to the above requirements, international students need to demonstrate English language competence via standard tests as follows:

TOEFL (Internet Based)
6.5 (With no band less than 6.0) 90 (With no less band less than 20 and at least 22 in writing)

Please refer to our International Student Pack for further details.

International Students may only undertake this course at our Melbourne Ministry Training Centre.

Study Mode

Units are usually offered in one of four modes:

  • An intensive on campus seminar (or off campus face to face tutorial) preceded by online interaction and followed by assessment. OR
  • A fully-online program spread over a semester and including online interaction, viewing recorded lectures and assessment. OR
  • A study tour preceded by online interaction and followed by assessment. OR

A research project undertaken under supervision and leading to a long essay or short thesis. This may also include a short research training seminar.

The whole degree may be completed online, though not all elective units are offered in this mode.

Course Structure & Units

This qualification is achieved by successfully completing 8 units of study (normally over 2 years full-time, 18 months in an accelerated program or 4-6 years part-time).

The 8 units need to include:

  • 2 introductory core units.
  • 4-5 electives, including at least 3 ministry electives.
  • 1-2 units as a research project

Core Units

Students MUST complete both core units:

Ministry and Mission Elective Units

Students MUST complete at least 3 Ministry and Mission Elective Units:

Biblical Studies, History and Theology (General) Elective Units

Students MAY complete a maximum of 2 Biblical Studies, History and Theology (General) Elective Units:

Research Units

Students MUST complete a minimum of 1 Ministry Research Unit leading to a single project of 6,000 or MAY complete both Ministry Research Units leading to a single project of 12,000 words:


  1. Students MUST complete both introductory core units before commencing research units.
  2. Ministry Research 2 cannot be a separate project and is required if you intend to progress into the Doctor of Ministry)

MA transfer of credit

Harvest Bible College is happy to accept up to 4 Masters level units completed at other Bible Colleges for transfer of credit. With the permission of Harvest’s Vice President of Higher Education up to 6 units will be accepted for transfer of credit. Rules for completion of the course will still apply regardless of how many of units are applied for. Please request Transfer of Credit when you apply to study in the MA and provide certified transcripts to speed up the processing.

For more information on the Master of Arts (Ministsry) program, please contact the Dean of Postgraduate Studies or Head of Research on  03 8799 1111.  Alternatively, please email your inquiry to

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