Why support Harvest?

Harvest is called to train effective ministry and has stayed faithful to this God-given vision since being established in 1985. The heart of the College beats for the local churches and missionaries – that’s what drives us to be innovate and relevant to the current needs in the Christian community.

We have trained over 3,000 students, who are making an impact on thousands of lives, across more than 44 countries. All this happened because of what you and the previous generations have sown with the expectation to raise Christian leaders and to resource ministries in the last 32 years.

Today, our vision has grown beyond Australian borders to offer biblical training to pastors and leaders around the world. The resources needed for this great commission are more than the tuition fees received. Further more, the decision made by the federal government for no VET FEE-HELP student loans subsidised to justice and ministry courses impacts the sustainability of private Christian education institutes like Harvest. These are the reasons we are inviting you to get on board with us to expand the kingdom of God and fulfill the great commission together.

Harvest is a ministry where we use God-given talents and resources to reach people globally and disciple nations.

Here is the message from one of our Harvest alumni, Lilian.


Join us & make it your own!

Your contribution and investment will support the ministry moving forward in any of the following areas:

From the outset, Harvest has been committed to a research culture dedicated to continuous improving and refining of a teaching program that provides sound theological studies. This is the reason we hold an annual Research Conference, where we share practical theology that is useful to contemporary Christian ministries and where we equip leaders to confidently face challenges in the 21st-century ministry context.

Harvest has been funding our own research since 2011. Sustainable support in this area means:

  • new and up-to-date content and programs created for studies;
  • further theological and ministry research available ton answer modern issues;
  • and to explore leadership development evolution in the 21st century, and set the pace for the church in the years to come.

Click here for more information about the Harvest Research Conference and the Journal of Contemporary Ministry.

* Your gift to Harvest research & development is tax-deductible.

The Melbourne ministry training centre was founded in 2014. Having a physical presence and facilities that we can operate from assists us to serve our students and ministry partners better.

The building fund also covers expenses related to the mortgage, on-going building infrastructure and maintenance, and technological equipment update for course delivery.

Your giving towards this area will benefit the learning experience of the students and improve the quality of program delivery.

* Your gift to the Harvest building fund is tax-deductible.

We are so proud of Harvest alumni who have followed God’s call in their lives to complete their studies. We couldn’t be more proud to see our alumni stay close with God in due course of what they are called to do.

The College has been helping a number of alumni who are called to be missionaries overseas by making a monthly financial contribution towards their ministries. It never ceases to amaze people how much impact Harvest alumni are having in different spheres of society and in places some of us have never even heard of. Read more alumni stories here.

Now, you can also take the Gospel further by supporting alumni missions.

* Your gift to alumni missions is non tax-deductible.

Harvest is planning to launch study centres overseas as part of the expansion and meeting the 2020 vision.

The vision is to provide quality biblical teaching and ministry practices in places like Africa, India and Asia-Pacific where there are no or little ministry resources available, or a lack of government subsidy for biblical/ministry study. We have been working towards and exploring an economical way in delivering quality ministry training to people in need.

As a Bible College, we want to share the years of training and research to help raise up leaders who are called to make a difference in their nations. We are inviting you to be part of this world changing movement with us and make this journey part of your own.

* Your gift to international study centres is non tax-deductible.

How you can help.