Harvest Bible College is excited to announce the merger of two great Pentecostal Colleges in Australia.

Harvest Bible College and Alphacrucis will join together on December 1st 2017 to become the largest spirit-filled provider of education and ministry training in Australia.

Harvest has consistently fulfilled its mission to Train Effective Ministry Worldwide to Serve Local Churches since 1985. For 33 years, we have trained men and women to serve God in a variety of ministry roles and functions in and beyond the local church. Harvest has so far trained 7,825 people and graduated 3,464 leaders for the kingdom of God.

As I look at just the past three years of Harvest’s students, I am encouraged that we have trained people from 34 countries, 23 denominations and movements, and 714 different local churches. At Harvest, we have proudly operated as the ministry training specialists who are thoroughly committed to local church ministry, and we will proudly continue as the ministry training arm of Alphacrucis.

Harvest Bible College is making this decision from a position of strength. In many ways, Harvest is healthier, stronger and more fruitful than it has ever been. On the 29th of January 2018, we will graduate our largest and most effective group of students ever. This year, we have 85% of our students actively involved in local church ministry. Harvest has just had our new Higher Education courses reaccredited and we have 25 Doctor of Ministry students. Harvest has never been more fruitful.

The leadership of Harvest believes that it is more important than ever to create a stronger and more powerful ministry training entity for Australia and the world. Joining the strengths of Australia’s two premier spirit-filled colleges together will achieve that goal. As the Bible says, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

At Harvest, we live and breathe our ministry values, including “Harvest fosters a kingdom environment.” This decision is the ultimate expression of kingdom first. Pre-eminent in this decision is to move past tribalism and into kingdom. Alphacrucis is now stronger than ever and well positioned to leap forward into University status. Human nature may seek to protect what we have. Kingdom nature is to work together to grow the Kingdom.

Another Harvest ministry value is, “Harvest encourages the expression of diverse ministry.” We have always acknowledged and fostered a ministry mindset that embraces all forms of traditional and workplace ministries. The new college will help students to even better prepare for their own unique blend of traditional and workplace ministries.

I have personally been a student, staff member or leader of Harvest for 27 years of my ministry life. I believe with all my heart that this is a God inspired moment in the history of the church in Australia. Only time will tell how important this merger is to the future of ministry training in Australia and across the globe.

I trust, pray and believe that God will guide, direct and bless every student, alumni, partner, movement, local church, staff and leadership member of Harvest as we move together into a great future with God. To quote a well-known friend, “the best is yet to come.”

We will continue to let you know about how things develop, and please be in touch with any questions.


Dr Brendan Roach

President, Harvest Bible College