Admissions requirements

At Harvest Bible College, students may enrol for a number of intakes as outlined on the Key Dates page of this website. Applications will be processed prior to the commencement of the course for which you have applied. Applicants must complete the Application to Study form and provide all the information requested. To apply you need to:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age (parental or guardian’s and faculty permission is required for younger domestic students) International students under 18 years of age will not be admitted.
  2. Be a committed Christian.
  3. Have the pastor to whom they relate in their local church complete a Pastor’s Character Reference Form.

Vocational education entry requirements

Entry into the Certificate IV and Diploma courses at Harvest Bible College require numeracy and literacy skills at least equivalent to level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework. This is generally equivalent to an Australian year 10. This will be determined through the strength of the application, including the testimony; however, further evidence of language proficiency may be requested. For a copy of the Admissions Policy & Procedure and other admissions information please email:

Higher education entry requirements

Entry into undergraduate Higher Education courses (Associate Degree or Bachelor Degrees) requires satisfactory completion of a Year 12 course of study at a secondary college in accordance with the requirements of your State Department of Education as conducted by Australian state authorities for university entrance or similar examination. The overseas equivalent of a high school graduation is required. Mature age entry allows academic entry requirements to be waived for undergraduate applicants of mature age (21 years of age and over) and who meet the requirements of ability, experience and spiritual standing. Applicants under the age of 21 must provide a complete academic transcript of secondary school studies.

Graduate entry requirements

Entry into all graduate courses (Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma) requires completion of a prior undergraduate degree recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework or an international equivalent. Professional entry may be granted to applicants who have five years of full-time ministry experience (or equivalent) and hold a Diploma of Ministry (or equivalent).

Postgraduate entry requirements

Entry into all postgraduate courses (MA or DMin) requires completion of a prior undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree within a relevant field (Biblical Studies, Theology or Ministry) or international equivalent. Entry to the MA (Ministry) is normally based on completion of an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, Theology or Ministry or completion of the Graduate Certificate in Theology with at least a Credit average.

Entry to the Doctor of Ministry program requires the completion of a masters level degree in Biblical Studies, Theology of Ministry with at least 12,000 words of research. However, applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, Theology of Ministry with honours and at least 12,000 words of research may be granted entry into the DMin program. Applicants who have completed a masters degree in a different discipline, including 12,000 words research, may be granted entry to the DMin program after successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Theology with at least a Credit average.

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