When do I need to apply by?

Harvest accepts applications anytime. We would encourage you to apply as soon as possible. VET students please note that whilst there are four terms terms there are only two intakes, the start of the year and midyear.

See Key Dates for further information.

Can I get transfer of credit for my past studies?

Students who have completed courses from a recognised school or institution can apply to Harvest Bible College for transfer of credit. An official transcript of all courses studied indicating course titles, marks, hours or units of academic credit granted and any award or degree earned must be provided, together with a request for transfer of credit.

What are your on site class times?

To meet the needs of students, our lectures are scheduled morning, afternoon and some evenings, Monday through Friday. Current students can access our detailed timetable by clicking here.

As a full-time student how much study is involved?

The Certificate, Diploma and BA programs each have a contact time of 12 hours per week. Certificate and Diploma Students are expected to put in an hour of study for each hour of contact time. BA students are expected to put in a minimum of 2 hours of study time for each hour of classroom contact time. Chapel attendance is required on day that you attend college, if you are an onsite student.

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