What is FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is a Commonwealth Government Loan Scheme available to all eligible students enrolled in accredited Higher Education courses to assist them to pay for their tuition fees. Eligible students may apply for their whole course, one unit, or even part of a unit. Eligible students may be studying on site, online, or at a study centre. FEE-HELP does not cover additional study costs such as accommodation or text books. Eligible students may borrow up to a life-time limit known as ‘FEE-HELP limit’.

How does it work?

The Australian Government pays the eligible students tuition fees to the college on behalf of the eligible student, and eligible students begin to repay their debt to the Australian Government through the Australian Taxation Office once their income reaches a prescribed threshold.


You are eligible for FEE‑HELP if you:

  • meet the citizenship and residency requirements:
    • you are an Australian citizen who will undertake, in Australia, at least one unit of study contributing to your course; OR
    • you are a permanent humanitarian visa holder who will be resident in Australia for the duration of your unit; OR
    • you are a permanent visa holder who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of the study;
  • are enrolled in an eligible unit of study by the census date for that unit; and
  • have not exceeded the FEE‑HELP limit.
  • enrolled in the following undergraduate or postgraduate courses:

More detailed information may be found at Study Assist.

Higher Education Tuition Assurance

Under the provisions of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) and the associated Higher Education Provider (HEP) Guidelines, Harvest Bible College is required to provide a tuition assurance arrangement for Australian citizens or holders of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa who are enrolled in higher education courses it offers.  This requirement is to protect a student in the event that Harvest Bible College ceases to provide a course of study in which a student is enrolled. The meaning of ‘ceasing to provide a course of study’ is set out in the HEP Guidelines.

The details for the Tuition Assurance can be found here.

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